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The photographic series "Confluences urbaines" delves into the convergence of two major challenges of our time: plastic pollution and urban overpopulation. Through compelling images, this series establishes a visual parallel between overflowing plastic waste dumps and imposing residential complexes like public housing, modern skyscrapers, or Eastern Bloc-style buildings.

Each photograph tells a story of overconsumption and congestion, whether in the environmental or human context. By juxtaposing landscapes devastated by plastic waste with architectures symbolizing human concentration, "Urban Confluence" invites the viewer to contemplate the challenges our world faces.

This project aims to raise awareness about both the urgency of plastic waste management and the consequences of overpopulation in our metropolises. Each of these images serves as a visual metaphor for the need for a radical shift in how we live and consume, highlighting the intricate interplay between our lifestyles and the shared planet.

Through "Urban Confluence", we are prompted to examine our impact on the environment and envision creative solutions for a more sustainable future, where the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature becomes a priority.

2020 - work in progress


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