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I embarked on an artistic project titled "Tombeaux oubliés", translate 'Forgotten Tombs' in english, which focuses on Spomeniks. Spomeniks are monuments originally designed to commemorate events or individuals. Primarily found in the Balkans, these monuments, characterized by brutalist architecture, were once symbols of the patriotic war fought by Yugoslav troops against the Nazi invader. Today, many of them lie abandoned, hidden in depopulated villages or lost in the depths of forests, while others continue to be the site of patriotic celebrations. They embody a page of history fading before our eyes.

Through my artistic approach, combining photography and digital editing, I strive to restore these monuments to their former glory. Battered, degraded, covered in graffiti, and even plundered, I create photographic montages and use digital retouching techniques to showcase them and restore their status as architecturally meaningful symbols. My work aims to rekindle the memory of these forgotten monuments, preserving their significance in our collective history.

2020 - 2022


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